North face cleaning trip

marking Earth dayAnd north face He renews his commitment to protecting nature by promoting the series of events that will come during it Abandoned waste collected In parks and green spaces through the initiative Hiking cleaning.

The project

Through invaluable partnerships with organizations across Europe, The North Face has helped clean up this past year More than 4,500 km of open spaceTo protect mountains, trails and natural habitats from pollution and waste. This year, the brand is offering enthusiasts even more opportunities to make a tangible contribution to environmental protection through its Clean Up Hike initiative, which is Journey series Europe-wide organization aiming to Waste collection and disposalClean up the environment, “one piece of trash at a time.”
In Italy, the partner of this initiative is CleanALP Which joins Trash Free Trails for the UK, Patron for Germany, Mountain Riders for France, and Summit Foundation for Switzerland.

Clean Up Hike initiatives expected in Italy

  • The North Face Earth Week – Clean Up Tour Ayas.
    April 22, from 9.30 to 14.30 in Champoluc (AO).
  • The North Face Clean Up Hike, Trek to Limone Piemonte
    April 23, from 10.00 to 16.30 in Limone Piemonte (CN).
  • noFacial Cleansing – Trail Hike
    April 23rd, 8.45-15.00 in Donnas (AO) with Anna Boschini, member of The North Face Explorer Team.

On the brand’s website, there is a full range page Dedicated to Clean Up Hike initiatives. It is possible to refer to a map to find the initiative closest to you, and if there are no initiatives in your area of ​​interest, The North Face gives you the possibility to create and propose your own team, by filling out the form in the #SignUpToCleanUp section. By registering for events organized by the brand, teams will receive everything they need for waste collection.

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