Nord Stream 2: New Sanctions But the United States does not have the power to stop the project – the funding and the owners of the world

New US sanctions against Russia. This time, 13 Russian ships are targeting the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. This has been announced by the US Treasury Department.

Ships that ended up on the US blacklist are Academic Chersky, rtemis Offshore, Bakhtemir, Baltic Reseracher, Finval, Captain Beklemishev, Murman, Narval, Sivuch, Spasatel Karev, Umka, and Vladislav Strizhov and Yuri Topchev, as reported by TASS.

But it doesn’t stop there: The United States has also imposed sanctions on three legal entities linked to the implementation of Nord Stream 2.

The sanctions relate to Mortransservice, the Maritime Rescue Service and the Samara Heat and Power Property Fund.

Another company, Koksokhimtrans, already blacklisted for the situation in Ukraine, has been added to Nord Stream 2’s sanctions list.

A move on the facade only?

With this new hostile step to Russia, the United States only shows its inability to stop this project, which will allow Russia to double the amount of gas transported to Europe. According to the Russian newspaper Komsolskaya Pravda, this is basically useless and comes a day after admitting that it cannot hinder the construction of the pipeline, as he acknowledged at a press conference by US presidential spokesperson Jean Basaki.

On the other hand, it is the United States itself that realizes that the new sanctions will not have a serious impact on the completion of the gas pipeline that is now nearing completion. Under US law, inclusion in the sanctions list obliges US companies not to cooperate with the sanctioned individuals and companies, and all assets subject to US jurisdiction are confiscated. So it is almost naive to think that in any of the American banks there are open accounts of Akademik Chersky or Rescuer Karev, the Russian newspaper notes.

According to the political scientist Julio Rodriguez, “Official sanctions have become a response not to foreign opponents but to domestic opponents against Biden, who are dissatisfied with his policy in principle, and not against Nord Stream 2”. Then the expert adds, “The White House has simply done the best of a bad situation: they say, we have resisted as best we can, we are opposing and we will resist Russia.”

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