Non-reimbursable contributions: the adjustment hypothesis

The support decree – now around the corner – appears to re-suggest the previous scheme, and is easy to implement and relatively quick in delivery times. Below is a commentary on some aspects of the upcoming judgment and a possible alternative hypothesis.

Refreshments provided by the next Support decree It should finally ease the strained coffers of the companies and professions that have suffered the most from the economic impacts of the ongoing pandemic.

Given the Contributions that are not reimbursable I intend to point out that what has emerged so far from the examination of unofficial documents circulating these days leaves us somewhat confused.

I do not dwell on this today about “Wall“Of access 33% decrease in trading volume Which continues to distinguish, without providing any possibility to reduce usage for those who achieved results close to this threshold.

Instead, I would like to emphasize that choosing to follow the previous wording by referring to a short period of time does not eliminate the contradictions that appeared in previous editions.

Discrepancies in the draft subsidy decree 2021 (pending official text)

In fact, the latter, after referring to the April 2020 comparison only with April 2019, clearly found differences in treatment, even if they are significant, that cannot be justified from the point of view of fairness, between taxpayers who carry out activities with largely consistent trends of As throughout the year compared to those who performed seasonal and cyclical activities as well as those who, for various reasons, recorded random peaks in their turnover in the said period.

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Conditions that may have a negative or positive impact on the amount due, or even the possibility of obtaining the benefit.

perseverance In this conceptual error By comparing, as it appears from reading the draft decree circulating, in the first two months of 2021 only with the same months of 2019, it re-proposes the above-mentioned differences, which have been exacerbated this time also by another aspect that I mention here:

Last April 2020 was a period of general lockdown across the country while the current lockdown measures and region restrictions clearly affected the performance of the affected companies to varying degrees, with regard to the location.

An option that can be understood if the executive branch wants to support the economic issues affected by the restrictions of this recent period, but taking a longer period as a reference would almost limit the removal of the contradictions shown.

Support Decree 2021: Hypothesis of Adjustment

Now why not take this opportunity to describe this drainage as a The balance of total lost funds recognized for 2020, Taking precisely the entire year just ending as the reference period and assuming a higher measure of contribution which, however, subtracts from what was actually paid before?

The double result will be achieved:

  • Address the above tolerances on the one hand;
  • Resolving hundreds of economic issues that the Revenue Agency has not disposed of, despite recognizing the right to previous “refreshments”, due to lack of funds, on the other hand.

Is such a hypothesis impossible? In my opinion it does not.

Awaiting further developments, we invite our readers to follow all updates on the support decree 2021 on the financial information pages dedicated to it and keep it updated continuously.

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