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During State of Play on February 25, Sony announced the arrival of Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade, an enhanced version of the Cloud Adventures exclusive to PS5. However, it was not the only novelty dedicated to this saga. Square Enix has already shown, after the event, too Final Fantasy 7 Soldier first: a Battle royale for all iOS and Android. Here is the official trailer and some Details from Nomura Personally.

Famitsu interviewed Nomura and explained that Final Fantasy 7 The First Soldier was hired Several years before Cloud’s adventures beginAlso, we can see in the trailer. Shinra was founded recently and is looking for candidates for Project Soldier. In terms of plot, since we’re talking about a battle royale, Nomura confirms that There won’t be much storytelling, But whatever we find justifies the Final Fantasy 7 universe.

It is then indicated that in the trailer for Final Fantasy 7 The First Soldier, players fight against Shinra machines: Nomura explains that it is because Shinra wants to simulate real battles to analyze cadets’ skills. Comments on method: There will be a way single And method Triple And victory, as in any battle royale, goes to the last player (or team) still alive.

This battle royale still has some RPG mechanics: By defeating monsters, we will level up and be able to collect objects (for example heals). According to Nomura, more casual players will enjoy the game as they can prepare for confrontations with other players by first upgrading the character.

Finally, you can watch the trailer for Final Fantast 7 Ever Crisis: A collection for iOS and Android of all (all) chapters of the Final Fantasy 7 saga. Also, don’t forget the news of Intergrade, the release of PS5 game with DLC from Yuffi.

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