NoiTel launches new Super Jump mobile offer with unlimited minutes, 50 SMS and 100 GB –

From 1 to 31 May 2021, excluding any extension, NoiTel decided to launch a new mobile phone tariff offer Super Jump In the upgrade prof 7.99 € per month instead of 8.99 € per month.

Super Jump Submit every month Unlimited minutes Calls to all national fixed and mobile numbers, 50 text messages Towards everyone and 100 GB Of data traffic in 4G With speeds up to 60 Mbps for download and 30 Mbps for download.

Lovirta Super Jump A. 7.99 € per month It can be activated in the promotion until May 31, 2021, excluding add-ons, for all new customers who activate a new number or request portability from another local operator.

Existing customers can activate the Super Jump offer for € 8.99 per month. Either way, there is a one-time activation cost of € 5. The cost of the new rechargeable SIM card instead of 10 euros.

In the official tariff transparency document for this offer, published on the official website of the virtual player, there is a curiosity to note: It has been reported that voice traffic minutes are pre-increments of 30 seconds, despite writing that they are unlimited minutes.

Like all other mobile operators when it comes to unlimited minutes, common sense must be used and certain standards must be respected, as required by each phone company’s general terms and conditions.

Referring to the available Giga package, the site notes indicate that pre-session navigation as described in the Tariff Transparency document. In the document for Super Jump, it is currently not selected.

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The data and SMS package that is not consumed during the month, They cannot be combined With those attributed to the following month.

NoiTel Show Super Jump It is also suitable for using the phone as a modem and as a Wi-Fi hotspot (tethering). APN to use“.

Offer is also valid in Roaming within the European UnionWith the ability to use unlimited minutes and all SMS messages are covered by the same national conditions, but with a 5 GB limit For the amount of monthly data traffic.

Monthly renewals for Super Jump Happen or occur Automatically by charging the remaining balance, But just in case Enough To cover the cost of the show.

In case of not renewing for Insufficient balance, Noitel’s show hung 15 days To continue browsing and making calls, you must also use Basic Plan 30, Except for additional active options on-line and until credit is depleted.

If the customer Not charging Within a 15-day period from the date that the renewal cost is not paid, Noitel will begin a process End the show.

NoiTel customers can top up their SIM cards at all approved NoiTel points of sale, on the official website of the virtual operator. It is also possible to top-up at all betting shops Mooney By requesting a NoiTel top-up request, the customer will receive a receipt showing the recharge PIN to be sent in the indicative procedure which can be reached via IVR on the toll-free number 4060 from the NoiTel sim.

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Noel Is a Mobile Virtual Company (MVNO) Irius brand, Which is using the Vodafone 4G network as of July 25, 2019 through the Technical Complex Plentron Italy.

On all new Noitel SIM cards, the Basic Plan 30, Which conditions apply in the case of Beat Giga and SMS Available monthly, excluding any additional options activated by the NoiTel client.

The Basic Plan 30It is pre-activated on all new Noitel 4G SIM cards, and provides calls to national landlines and mobile phones at 23 cents per minute, SMS text messages to all for 7 cents euros each and surfing the Internet at 5 cents euros per megabyte.

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