Noemi lost weight using the Tabata method: How it works

I amThe Tabata method is advertising training High density That literally changed, if not for sure waistline To a lot of people. Celebrities included. Like an Italian singer Noemi, Which has returned to shape during this period, ready for a stageAriston. But what does this training consist of, is it suitable for everyone or are there contraindications?

High-intensity exercise

“It is a method invented in the 1990s by a Japanese scientist of the same name. It is part of high-intensity interval training, otherwise known as HIIT, high-intensity interval training. It consists of performing an exercise at maximum intensity for 20 seconds, Punctuate it 10 seconds From negative payback, all that 8 shot. One Tabata lasts approximately 4 minutes Thus the circuit provides 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off. Her goal is Accelerate metabolismHe explains Paula Miretta, Fitness & Personal Trainer D. Fitness boutique.

The Tabata method: pros and cons

“Although she is tired, she has the distinction of being So shortHowever, it has the disadvantage of being inappropriate Beginners. Usually it involves using Trailing and Global Exercises. For this reason, anyone who deals with this method should already have a level of fitness Average in height. Tabata does not have any full refund: i 10 seconds expected It is not enough for an untrained body. It also uses ad exercises High muscle involvement, User Total bodyWhich takes a lot Coordinate. Despite the fatigue, people are being motivated and encouraged byHigh density Which produces an endorphin rush, commonly known as Happiness hormones», The expert continues.

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Complete everything in the fresh air

“The Tabata method can be complementary to allenamento outdoors. If the weather doesn’t allow you to go outside, you can work out at home while taking advantage of the exercise Short but intense. However, we must pay close attention to extreme training: the danger is that it becomes Backfire. We are exposed to Risk of infectionNot to mention, you prefer it to be overrated Oxidative stress-It increases the aging process and compromises Joints. Therefore it is necessary to avoid the arrival of “creep” at the end of the training, ”continues the coach.

Who can do that

“It’s perfect for AthletesFor those who want a boost resistance And for those who want Increase lean mass. By practicing the Tabata method twice a week, no more, already in just over a month you can see results. All, of course, along with one true Supplying. In any case, before embarking on high-intensity workouts it is a good idea to do exercises Medico examination. I also recommend it to those with no obvious problems, “explains Paula Merita.

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