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“No to talks with the United States until the sanctions are lifted.”

L ‘Iran He started fresh Centrifuge for every Uranium enrichment, Which is forbidden to be used under the 2015 nuclear deal. President Hassan Rouhani has officially opened a line of 164 devices called the IR-6 centrifuge and another of the 30 other IR-5s installed in the nuclear complex for Natanz, With a videoconference broadcast on state television.

The United States said during the Vienna talks aimed at salvaging the nuclear deal, that it was “ready” to withdraw the sanctions for it Tehran When “you will return to respect the obligations of the convention.”

“There have been no direct or indirect talks between the United States and Iran in Vienna or anywhere else because there has been no need for negotiations since,” he said. They joined (The 2015 International Agreement on Iranian Nuclear Energy, NDC) was negotiated with all the details and the United States must prove to everyone, not only on paper, that they want to reverse the course of the Trump era, and that they want it completely. Faithfully implement the JCPOA and lift all illegal sanctions against Iran, ”said Tehran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman, Saeed KhatibzadehIn a long interview with Christiane Amanpour for CNN. According to the spokesperson, in Vienna there were “positive steps by the 4 + 1 group” (China, France, the United Kingdom, and Russia in addition to Germany) and the talks showed that “progress is possible”, while work focused on defining “the list of sanctions that the United States must actually remove.” “.

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He insisted that the 4 + 1 group “has the channels to talk to the United States and see what they really think.” And he continued, “Whether the United States and Iran can talk again will depend on whether the United States will return to the agreement and to the army table,” at a time when “it is almost impossible to believe the United States, especially after four years of continuous economic war against the Iranian people.” In the Trump administration.

Enriched uranium production in Iran

Since the beginning of this year Iran It produced 55 kg of uranium enriched at 20%, while the current agreement of 2015 stipulates, among other things, a maximum of 3.67% uranium enrichment for the Islamic Republic. The declared quantity is higher than that expected under Iranian law – issued in response to the US withdrawal from the agreement – indicating an average production threshold of 10 kg per month.

Israel and Iran, very nervous about nuclear energy. “Tehran is accumulating uranium and this is a danger … We will intervene.”

According to the spokesperson, the annual target of 120 kg could be reached by August. According to the company’s latest quarterly reportInternational Atomic Energy Agency (Aiea), as of February 16, Tehran has produced 17.6 kg of 20% enriched uranium. However, the threshold is still well below the 90% required to reachatomicIran has always denied this.

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