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Legendary Hironobu Sakaguchi Now working hard on the ambitious iOS RPG Fantasian game. The president of Mistwalker, in addition to being the creator of Final Fantasy, has created in the recent past three games that, in their own way, have managed to break into the hearts of players: Final Story, the Blue Dragon and the Lost Odyssey. Three matches, for now, look like they will stay in the past. In a recent interview, in fact, he said he’s not interested in gods remakeBut he would like to spend the last years of his career “inventing something new”.

“In fact, there are currently no plans for any remanufacturing. Although it’s called remaking, how much commitment “The resources they may need are largely the same that we will have to devote to creating an entirely new game,” Hironobu Sacaguchi said.

“ Personally, I’m more attracted to the idea of ​​creating another story, scientist A native Or to build something new. “

Japanese studio Mistwalker was created in part with the support of X-Box. In fact, the first two games created by the studio were exclusively for Microsoft: Blue Dragon in 2006 and Lost Odyssey in 2007. After The Last Story, which was released on the Nintendo Wii in 2011, the company focused exclusively on mobile games, such as the next Fantasian.

Between The Last Story, Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey is any one you would have wanted to see again in your life Control unit/PC?

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