No peace to From Software

From Software’s official presentation of the new work returns to the 2019 Los Angeles E3, which was unveiled to the public with its first custom trailer and confirmed George RR Martin’s co-creation.

Since then, however, who Eden Ring They totally lost track, with the JPN not providing further updates on business status or an indicative launch window. Long period of silence from the press From software It has continued uninterrupted even for the past few months, despite an alleged person being circulated online Trailer Play Leak Episode Elden. The movie appeared through several Video clip, They follow each other in the ether at a short distance from each other.

Now, prof More short excerpts from the video It appears to have made its way online, along with potential clues on one The Eden Ring is issued by April 2022That is, at the end of the current fiscal year. Originally appeared on 4 chanThe clip has now also reached shores RedditAs it became available to the general public:

At the moment, we remind you that it is not clear what video material has been leaked over the past few months. To get verified and confirmed information on Elden Ring’s properties, all you have to do is wait for connections from From Software or Bandai Namco.

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