No more uncut GP restarts

Bad news for Italian subscribers of the official Formula 1 app. Until this year, in fact, free access to F1 TV videos was given along with a subscription to the F1 app’s premium content: After midnight on the day, free practice, qualifying and the race done, in fact the full replay of all sessions uploaded to F1TV portal, with the possibility Access the onboard cameras of all 20 runners on the track and listen in on the team radios Without international trend filter. Beginning Friday, March 24, this possibility will be denied throughout the season.

F1 TV homepage from 23rd March 2023, last day to access 2023 World Championship contents

news The news was confirmed by Formula 1, which, in the morning, sent out a note informing subscribers of the decision to “stop” restarting F1TV in Italy, San Marino and Vatican City, regions where transmissions belong exclusively to Sky until 2027: “We periodically change the availability of content and features on our app to best reflect our contractual obligations with our broadcast partners. For this reason, as of March 24, 2023, Full session replays won’t be available to watch until January 1 of next year. This measure applies to general practitioners in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia for the year 2023Similar action is also expected for Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom, while F1TV Pro (which also allows you to watch sessions live) remains available, among others, in France, Austria, Greece and the United States.

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What is left in the subscription?You will still have full access – reads the note sent to subscribers – to Live timing, including track map, team radios, sector and segment times, but also historical races from the F1 archives, pre- and post-race shows and all documentariesThe premium contents of the official F1 app cost €26.99 per year or, alternatively, €2.99 per month, but withdrawals will be guaranteed with a refund of the unused part of the subscription: “We apologize for the inconvenience this change has caused. If you wish to cancel your subscription, no further payment will be required and you may continue to use your subscription until it expires. If you wish to cancel immediately, the remaining subscription fee will be refunded to you“.

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