No more stinky and bad smells in the house thanks to this clever, practical trick

Some do not realize this, others are very sensitive: for the latter, unpleasant smells around the house can be a real torment. On the other hand, no one likes coming home after a long day of work and being greeted with an unappealing smell.

Of course we can certainly solve it by finding its source and eliminating it. But once we solve this problem, we will almost certainly find ourselves struggling with residual odors.

But don’t despair, this little clever and easy trick will do the trick. So let’s see together how you can never have bad breath in the house again thanks to this clever, practical trick.

What do you use to perfume the house?

Perfumes and air fresheners are an excellent solution, we find many gems and costs. Alternatively, it can be interesting to use those products that are given to us directly from the nature around us. Some benefit from the properties of some fresh or dried fruits such as oranges or tangerines; While others prefer scents derived from some aromatic herbs such as thyme, lavender, and the like.

In this article we will focus on the latter used in the form of essential oils combined with some common ones.

Indeed, small parts of things that can be found in all homes and which we often throw away willingly, unaware of their true value.

No more stinky and bad smells in the house thanks to this clever, practical trick

We then talk about clay pottery pieces, which can be easily obtained when the vase breaks at home.

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Breaking a vase is never seen with happiness, but it’s all about perspective. Just think that instead of throwing the pieces in the trash, we can reuse them to help us keep our home more welcoming and smelling. Once the sharp corners are rounded off, we can use the pieces just like the wooden balls used to scent cabinets and clothes. Thanks to the porous properties of this material, the perfume can imbue the pottery and thus turn it into a wonderful deodorant. The result will then be really surprising, allowing us to have a clean and wonderful home without spending a single euro.


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(The information in this article is for informational purposes only. We do not know the behavior of our readers towards the tools in the house or in the garden. That is why it is recommended to take the utmost care and care with the tools of the house and garden to avoid unpleasant accidents anyway, it is highly recommended to read the warnings given Who is the”)

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