No more geraniums and orchids on the balcony for the arrival of a magical summer plant

For a beautiful and fragrant home, you cannot ignore the display of beautiful colorful flower vases. That is why we often see whole balconies and terraces. They know in their nuances how to make a difference and restore the mood we’ve lost. Some flowers are often frequent due to their beauty and ease of care. However, in the long run, seeing the same seedlings always and everywhere can be boring.

For those who are looking for an air of modernity and want to distinguish themselves from the crowd, at ProiezionidiBorsa we have found the right plant for them. It’s a flower that has nothing to envy our most famous window renter. Moreover, he knows how to charm the showy inflorescences and the little attention it requires. So, just plant geraniums and orchids on the balcony for the arrival of the charming summer plant. Let’s see what it is.


No more geraniums and orchids on the balcony for the arrival of a magical summer plant

This year may be Cleome’s time. It is a wonderful flower that lights up our days with its bright, dazzling colours. There are many varieties, but the most widespread in our area is Cleome Hassleriana or Tarenaya Hassleriana. It is distinguished by its dark green stem and leaves that give off a pleasant aroma. the petals They are pale or bright pink in color and bloom generously from summer to late fall.

There are not many cures, because Cleome is a plant that adapts very easily. To maximize flowering, it is still recommended to expose it in a sunny area, even for several hours a day. In any case, he also appreciates partial shade. It tolerates heat well, but cold and wind can kill them.

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When placing the pot or on the ground, we recommend well-drained soil, mixed with sand and peat. Cleome does not require much water, but it would be good to increase watering during the vegetation period. As always, watch out for standing water that causes root rot. The same goes for FertilizerWhich should be diluted with water every two weeks during the growth period of the plant. Finally, remember that Cleome has a very rapid development. Therefore, even if this is not necessary, we recommend periodically trimming the stems to prevent the seeds from falling off and forming other seedlings.

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