No Man’s Sky ‘Not Even Remotely Complete’, After 6 Years and 19 Updates –

Sean Murray, founder of Hello Games, explained that No Man’s Sky It’s not complete “even remotely”although it’s been six years since its release and 19 major updates have been released, including the latest Sentinel.

In an interview with IGN USA, Murray said that developers have a lot of new ideas that they just can’t keep up with. over there content list Which Hello Games wants to include continues to rise and Murray explains that he is impressed with the team’s energy level, which was no higher. He then explained that Hello Games “doesn’t tend to reveal what’s on the newsfeed publicly, but suffice it to say we were nowhere near completing No Man’s Sky.”

One of the many planets in No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky is, after all, a “live service” game that is meant to be constantly updated and expanded and continue to attract players. Watchman For example, it includes several modifications to the combat system to create a “faster, more diverse and dynamic” experience. There are also changes to the Guardians of the Planets which are now more powerful, but there are also new weapons and new upgrades.

Hello Games is currently working on another ambitious game like No Man’s Sky, which has yet to be released.

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