No Green Corridors attacks C19 verification app: ‘The more people report, the sooner it will be blocked’ – video

An application that discriminates against people. And again: “I can only report you for discrimination and crimes against humanity”, “must be removed immediately from the store”, “Really scandalous!” , “BESTIE is discriminatory!!”. It can go on and on. Scroll through the latest app reviews Check out C19 The tone is always this. Application developed by digital transformation department to validate green lane She is accused of discriminating against citizens, disrespecting the constitution and (at times) not working properly. They are not reviews of restaurateurs or shopkeepers, but an organized attack that starts from the network of Telegram groups in which the No Green lanes are moving.

From our research, it appears that at the root of everything there is a tutorial that you can find in the video at the head of this article. Registered at November 2, as we can see from the date that appears on the smartphone used. Perhaps everything was done with a free screen capture program. Male voice explaining how to report C19 verification directly from Play Store, the default store used by users Android They can download their apps: “You don’t have to download or open them. Click Report Inappropriate Image. We will write “Application that discriminates against people”. The more people report, the faster it gets blocked. Thus, it will no longer be possible to verify the owner of the green lane.”

Bad reviews and an average of one star

Play Store | Reviews within the Verify C19 app

On the Play Store, each app’s approval rating is given with five stars. Usually, app evaluation is not a process that is done with interest, quite the opposite. Messages from apps inviting you to provide a review are routinely ignored in just a few clicks. On the Verification C19 app page, the numbers are big: as we write this article, they’re there 12,279 comments With an average rating of just over Star. Fewer numbers but the same values ​​also in the App Store, intended for users An apple: Less than two stars NS 3,831 reviews. The homepage of the app is dominated by the most voted negative comments by users, such as Adriano:

Other than not working properly, it’s a shame. The lowest point in the Italian Republic. I would be ashamed to even think of the idea of ​​an app and system like this. Not to mention those who demand with firmness and conviction the application of an unconstitutional, illegitimate, discriminatory and degrading rule to humanity. There is no worse slave or collaborator than a person convinced he is not.

The answer to Telegram groups: “Maximum engagement”

In the past few days, the tutorial has continued to navigate Telegram groups in the No Green lane. after, after ending from Enough dictatorship night between On the 27th and 28th of SeptemberThe discussion forum map has been changed. Became one of the most active I’m with Stefano Berzer, where is the November 2 The Verification C19 interview tutorial video was posted with this message: “Let’s make ourselves useful. We all reported the green swipe control app. At least it will be deactivated by playstore. maximum sharing. Currently, the number of users in this forum has been created to supportformer boss From Trieste dock workers arrived at 13.760.

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