No, Australia has not used ‘crisis actors’ to push people to get vaccinated against Covid-19

On June 12, 2023, the editorial staff Facta. news I received a message via WhatsApp asking for verification video content (Lasts about 2 minutes) Posted on Twitter with the headline “Covid Actors”. In the video, a man introduces himself as Paul Barry, the host of the TV show Watch the media, explains that on social media there has been skepticism about the authenticity of the footage released by the Department of Health in New South Wales, Australia, and broadcast by several broadcasters. These videos show three patients hospitalized with Covid-19 and warn about the danger of the new coronavirus, Sars-CoV-2. The man in the video claims that some users have discovered that the three people filmed were actually paid actors pretending to have Covid-19.

The author of the tweet, commenting on the shared video, wrote that Australia would use gods Crisis actor To spread fear and pressure for vaccination against Covid. with words Crisis actor Refers to For people who impersonate a disaster victim during emergency drills. As we explain in an in-depth study, this term has been used for years within global conspiracy jargon to fuel unsubstantiated alternative theories, arguing that some of the dramatic events that occurred previously were actually staged because the victims would be actors.

The video being analyzed has been modified and is reporting fake news.

First, the guy in the video was actually called Paul Barry. Barry is a leading investigative reporter Media Watcha television program of media analysis and political opinion on the Australian Public Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

Even the video in question is real, but it has been cut and posted on social networks, changing its true meaning.

the The video is complete (which lasts 3 minutes 58 seconds) was broadcast by ABC on September 6, 2021. It is therefore not a current video. In the first part of the clip, Barry narrated the conspiracy theory that was circulating on social networks in Australia at the time. According to this thesis, the journalist explained that three patients were hospitalized due to Covid-19 at Concord Hospital in Sydney, pictures of Broadcasted by many broadcasters in the country, they were actually paid actors to scare people at home about the effects of the novel coronavirus Sars-CoV-2. The video object in our analysis shows only this part. However, in the rest of the footage, Barry explained that this theory was, instead, completely unfounded, showing with evidence and evidence that the patients depicted are not actors, but people who were really sick and were hospitalized due to Covid. -19. This misleading case He was treated from several sites from international fact-checking.

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