Nissan: Serious problem affecting 1.4 million vehicles (including Leaf)

April Recalls over 1 million vehicles sold in it Europe, the United States and Japan. According to the site bloomberg, the upset would relate to five different models, even if it is not known exactly which one. That is why the Japanese company invites its customers to contact the help center, which will be able to provide any clarification in this regard.

The bad news for Nissan is the owners of 1.4 million vehicles, including the Leaf

Nissan Ariya

The action taken will make it possible to put an end to a series of critical problems faced by drivers related to the part Mechanics. Among the bugs, the direction of some compounds suddenly accelerate, after exiting the cruise control. An important defect that seriously threatens the safety of passengers and other road users.

Moreover, a defect was foundEngine shutdownwhile the car is moving. Fortunately, Nissan says there have been no accidents due to these issues. Vehicles will be brought garagewhere they will get all status patches.

Nissan Ariya

The next few days could tell something more about the affected models. Perhaps some are also in the draw Nissan LeafDue to its great success. With over 600,000 units sold, the mini electric car has been a hit. For more than a decade, it was the only venue in the House of the Rising Sun, until the SUV was launched last year Arya.

With a delay of four or five years compared to the timing announced by close sources, the sports utility immediately provided some excellent numbers. For the second quarter in a row, it beat “internal competition” by more than recordings compared to the sheet. who has been close to retiring for some time now, without ever going there. Perhaps this is the right time, given some of the sightings forklifts. But before making absolute judgments, it would be appropriate to at least wait for further developments.

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Giving away a goose that lays golden eggs is always a source of endless second thoughts, whatever the manufacturer. The presumptive heir will follow compact shapes, ideal especially in the city context, and at affordable prices. Precedents lead enthusiasts to pursue evolution with great passion. the Recall 1.38 million vehicles Not the best advertisement However, Nissan seems to have what it takes to continue playing a leading role in this segment, thanks to the alliance formed with Renault and Mitsubishi.

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