Nintendo Switch Pro, even Nikkei will confirm the next strongest model –

Nintendo Switch Pro It reappears, given with a practical certainty also by the Japanese publication NikkiHe is a very reliable source regarding financial and economic issues in Japan, one of which is his latest report A new copy of the console coming.

Nikkei’s article is part of a torrent of news and now very consistent rumors regarding the alleged Hardware Review From the Nintendo console, which could thus be the popular Nintendo Switch Pro.

In this case we are talking about a more advanced model with More graphics power, Or something like this: “Several sources have told us that they intend to expand production. The company is also expected to present a more advanced model with better graphics quality, and this should be the first additional model for Nintendo Switch since the launch of the Switch Lite., Which happened in September. 2019, “the Nikkei Index reads, as reported by VGC.

Also from the Nikkei indicator, we learned that “Nintendo has requested a increase production To various managers of the production chain. According to reports from Takashi Mochizuki from the Wall Street Journal, there is talk of reaching about 30 million units of the Nintendo Switch produced during this fiscal year, with production also increasing in light of the aforementioned high-end new model.

Mochizuki points out how the information reported by Nikkei is in all respects consistent with what was mentioned earlier, both regarding the increase in production and the arrival of the Nintendo Switch Pro (or as the new model will be called).

A hint that the new Nintendo Switch could somehow be produced with an OLED screen has also been confirmed by Samsung, while other rumors speak of the possibility of using DLSS thanks to the new Nvidia SoC, but at the moment there is no confirmation and Nintendo continues No comment In official form this information.

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