Nintendo Switch OLED stays on for 1800 hours straight to see if screen is damaged –

Nintendo Switch OLEDAs it is easy to guess from the name, it has an OLED screen. At first, some enthusiasts were concerned about the risk of damage to this type of screen after long periods of use. To answer this question, a YouTuber left The console is in operation for 1800 hours.

The YouTube user in question is wolf dung, which left the Nintendo Switch OLED on for 1800 using an in-game screenshot of The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild and making use of the Hori SplitPad controller to keep the system always on while charging.

Results? Here are Dean’s words: “There is no difference in any of the color tests I have done, and you may also notice no noticeable burn marks after burning it for about 2,000 hours. The only difference is that it is noticeable is the whiteness of the sanctuary ceiling, which is slightly darker, and a bluish-white tinge. Light green.”

“…if you are worried about OLED burning out on your Switch because you have 2,000 game hours, I think you can relax a bit. I don’t think that is a practical concern for anyone. I think maybe 10 years from now we can see A home screen, which was in bright mode, exhibited some burn-in, but for most people, that’s nothing to worry about.”

Dean going to Connect with the test To see what will happen, but for now we feel we can say that the Nintendo Switch OLED display does not risk the effect of burn-in quickly.

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