Nintendo Switch: Metroid Prime 4 and Pikmin 4 on the confirmed games schedule

Among the various items that have appeared in these hours after the release of Nintendo’s financial documents, there is also software Upcoming games coming to Nintendo Switchany offers Pikmin 4 And above all still exist Metroid Prime 4which can therefore reach during the fiscal year.

The document in question should be considered a how-to guide for the Nintendo Switch, and as such is a very partial list of upcoming games, but existing games should be confirmed for at least the current fiscal year, which will end with March 2024.

Nintendo: Game Schedule Coming Soon to Nintendo Switch

Obviously, Nintendo is hiding games that haven’t been announced yet, in order to avoid progressing directly from the company’s official plans, so we can’t expect the published timeline to be complete in these hours.

However, the presence of Metroid Prime 4 on the list is even more surprising, since it seems to confirm the desire to launch the game by March 2024, during the current fiscal year.

Nintendo Switch: Program for the following third-party releases
Nintendo Switch: Program for the following third-party releases

Although the game was announced 6 years ago at the distant E3 2017 and in the meantime it was restarted from scratch with development then entrusted to Retro Studios.

All other first batch games are known, with The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom now arriving on May 12 and Pikmin 4 on July 21, 2023, but Metroid Prime 4 appears among those titles with “to be added later” as a release date, noting that it is still expected over the next few months.

From the documents we also see the schedule of games planned for Nintendo Switch by third-party teams and publishers in different markets, but apparently this is also a partial list, pending further announcements that will arrive from those directly involved. In the past few hours, we have seen that Nintendo Switch has sold 125.62 million consoles worldwide and 1 billion games have been sold.

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