Nintendo Switch, if you are not careful you are ruined | What you need to know to avoid bloodshed

Everyone is always trying to find a way to save electricity, but the problem is becoming more urgent with the increase in energy bills due next month and January.

Game consoles, in particular, can be a major factor in rising energy bills, depending on how often they are used. Some gamers across the country have even considered quitting the hobby to try and save.

If you don’t want to go that far, here are the stats and quantitative data that home consoles actually consume along with a few other money-saving tricks at the end of the month.

How much do nintendo switch consume?

Among the three major game consoles, Nintendo Switch It is the most economical in terms of energy consumption. The Nintendo website indicates consumption 7 watts While playing games through the TV (ie when the console is installed). It all depends on your power plan, but in general the cost on the bill is there 5 cents for every two hours of use.

Nintendo Switch OLED

The website only mentions this number for the latest Switch model, which has improved battery life compared to the launch model. The launch model’s power consumption isn’t mentioned, but there’s unlikely to be much difference between the two. Obviously, the more advanced models, such as OLEDconsumes the battery more quickly with much higher performance than previous versions of the console.

If you play this game, you consume twice as much

It sounds strange, but it is: Switch consumption also depends on the video game you’re playing. Being a console with a rechargeable battery, it’s understandable that video games that take advantage of the Switch’s performance so much more, drain the battery much more quickly!

Nintendo uses The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as a reference point. Since this is one of the most graphically intensive games for a console, playing it for too long can drain the console’s battery more quickly. This obviously translates to: more recharges, more power consumption, and therefore higher bills.

Breath of the wild

Therefore, the advice is to play these video games less frequently than other games that consume less amounts, but at the same time avoid recharging the Switch battery too many times.

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