Nintendo Switch 2, the transition to the new console will not be easy for Christopher Dring –

Christopher Dring, President of, expressed some considerations indicating that ride to me Nintendo Switch 2or whatever the name of the next Japanese home console is, It won’t be easy Also and above all because of the impact that the pandemic has had on the times of development.

Embracing John Lineneman’s theory that the Nintendo Switch Pro will no longer be released, Dring writes that “when Nintendo releases its new console, it will be imperative that they have Ready assortment To provide him with the necessary support, not only in its infancy but also in the following months.”

“The pandemic has affected Nintendo’s core development teams, as well as everything else, and thus the transition It will not be easy to manageAnd concluded Dring, who made it clear in his response to his followers that he would be surprised if the next platform was not Switch 2, but something completely different.

The discussion has been going on on Twitter for a while and interesting considerations have been expressed. For example, some have asked if Nintendo will try again Compete in terms of strength With Sony and Microsoft, with Dring saying that this way he would turn out a £700 handheld device, it would therefore be a no-nonsense strategy.

Another user pointed out that Nintendo has a long history Games that have been passed down through generations Or even moving to the next generation, and in fact this solution may be the best move to manage that transition, see for example the rumors about The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom running on more performing hardware.

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