Nintendo Switch 2, concept imagines the new hybrid console

Nintendo Switch 2 imagined with Concept (embarrassingly passed around as a leak on Twitter) which has redesigned several features hybrid unitwhile bringing some interesting ideas to the table.

The author of the project is most likely Italian designer Riccardo “Breccia” Cambò, who as you’ll already recall did a PS5 redesign some time ago and who set aside the Switch’s inconsistent form factor in favor of modularity that puts itself at the service of the work environment.

His Nintendo Switch 2 looks really good A tablet with two physical controllers addedThe Joy-Con has also been redesigned to finally provide that grip that always lacks portability but sacrifices size and compatibility: would such a solution really work?

Some notable ideas

The animation that connects to the vertical insertion of the cartridge is very nice, with the latter appearing on the screen and becoming an icon in the dashboard. Furthermore, each game is “narrated” by a trailer that plays in the background of the interface.

Finally, Breccia thought of two different models of Nintendo Switch 2, a standard one with a 6-inch screen (LCD?) and a Max with a 7-inch OLED screen, but let’s assume that at launch it will be difficult to choose two different versions: we’ll see.

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