Nintendo is not responsible for adding Denuvo to Switch games –

At Gamescom 2022, as we mentioned, denovo A new DRM solution has been proposed for the Nintendo Switch, to limit gamers’ ability to use Switch video games with the emulator. Now, let’s find out Nintendo is not the one that pushed in this direction.

In a statement to Kotaku, a Denuvo spokesperson said that Nintendo is not involved in the Switch DRM initiative. This technological solution came in response to Request from Denuvo . partner publishers.

Furthermore, Denuvo states that performance It’s not just about security technology: “Due to non-disclosure agreements, we can’t reveal company names, but we can say this solution stems from strong demand from publishing partners. Software publishers and Denuvo are keen to provide a better gaming experience…protection is designed So that it does not affect the player experience and has no effect on the performance of the game. This new solution provides that protection is only active in the important parts of the non-performance in the code.”

OLED key

For all the details about the Denuvo system, here’s what was revealed.

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