Nintendo is investing heavily in research and development –

Nintendo Switch Pro Or directly one A new console It appears to have been in development within Nintendo for quite some time, considering An amount of money invested In the field research and development Which stems from the company’s most recent financial statements.

The fiscal quarter’s closing proved once again great Success From the Nintendo Switch, which has set astonishing numbers with 84.59 million units sold since its launch and is poised to overtake PSOne, Wii and PS3 by the end of 2021, with sales forecasts in excess of 100 million several months from now.

However, although the console is still a file Half of its life cycleNintendo is clearly thinking of future Also on the front hardwareThis is evidenced by the huge investments that emerged from the financial documents issued yesterday.

During the financial meeting, it turns out that in the 2020/2021 fiscal year that has just ended, Nintendo has almost invested in $ 880 million In research and development, a sector that clearly does not only include the design of new devices but in any case refers to a specific activity in this area as a long-term investment.

There are many areas in which the R&D effort is addressed, as was also mentioned by Nintendo itself during its Q&A session with investors, which was reported in David Gibson’s tweets below.

“We are still in the middle of the Switch lifecycle, so the costs of software outsourcing are increasing, which is a major factor and the costs for each game are increasing as well,” it said in the response.

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Nintendo also said it is investing inInfrastructure online From the Nintendo Switch, but it’s especially interesting what was also reported in another answer: “Although we’re still in the middle of the Switch’s life cycle, Invest in the next platform, Since hardware and software integration will continue. “

It’s not entirely clear what this definition refers to but it clearly indicates at least the fact that the designs have started on a new console. This Integration between hardware and software Perhaps it refers to console design closely related to internal video game development, perhaps with specific hardware solutions and a different development environment than others, as usually happens with Nintendo consoles.

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