Nintendo Direct in September? There are rumors of a new presentation coming –

there will be Nintendo Direct a September 2021? Quite a few fans are pretty much convinced, based on tradition Kyoto’s home and a string of rumors that seem to point in that direction, even if nothing is confirmed at the moment.

As we all know, any attempt to anticipation The dates and details for the Nintendo Direct are doomed, at least usually, given the apparent ambiguity of Nintendo’s choices for the now-popular presentation event.

Among the various rumors supporting the September 2021 Nintendo Direct theory is the SamusHunter2 theory, which is considered leaker Quite reliable on Nintendo matters, even if her potential contacts with knowledgeable people are not known at all.

He said with great confidence that there will be a Nintendo Direct in September, after also noting that recently there have been many reviews of Nintendo Switch games It hasn’t been announced yet, so it could find a space inside the event. According to other alleged insiders, there will also be a scheduled date for the event: the new Nintendo Direct should be held in September 4, 2021.

It’s all simple Rumors, but upon closer inspection, in fact, Nintendo does have a really long history of Direct in September, beginning even in 2012 with its presentation dedicated to the Wii U. After that, there was Pokémon Direct in September 2013 and then a three-year long break after that. .

Later, starting Since 2016, there has always been a Nintendo Direct in September every year until 2020, strongly suggesting that the tradition continues this year with the Nintendo Direct in September 2021. As we have seen, it is impossible to follow exact patterns in terms of Direct scheduling, although the September trajectory It is perhaps one of the few constants that appears to have emerged in recent years.

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The last event of this kind was the Nintendo Direct E3 2021 from which many interesting news appeared, including the new trailer for the game The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild 2.

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