Nintendo and Xbox have a joint announcement scheduled for Fall, Insider –

As mentioned, in recent days there is more and more talk of the infamous shelf Phil Spencer, The Xbox boss, who has long been hiding a string of things in the background of his office indicating the arrival of ads. For example, Spencer showed off Xbox Series S even before the official reveal and no one noticed. right Now, Instead, we’re talking about the Nintendo Switch and a co-branding with Xbox.

In a recent live broadcast, the Nintendo Switch could be seen in the background. The console will also have a meaning, and according to Spiegel Ed an insider on Xbox, that indicates the presence of the A joint declaration between the two companies. The announcement is expected next fall, according to reports.

what is he talking about? At the moment we don’t know and we think it won’t be revealed anytime soon even through the leaks. Microsoft and Nintendo have a long-standing relationship of trust and cooperation. In fact, Ori and the Blind Forest was also released on the Nintendo Switch, as well as characters like Banjo-Kazooie and Steve (from Minecraft) arriving at Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

For a while we have been talking about Game Pass accessibility also on Switch. Microsoft’s advantage will be clear, while why Nintendo has to accept the deal (aside from pure profit) is less clear.

As always, remember we’re only talking about leaks and rumors, not official information. Xbox and Nintendo haven’t said anything about it so now we can’t help but wait. We know that as far as the Japanese company is concerned, “new games and new series” are planned, not just Mario and Zelda.

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