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Ninja Theory has released a new development video notes for Project: Mara for every Xbox X Series It shows the progress of the game and in particular how to work to recreate it Realistic environments.

at Movie, Called “Reality Capture,” Chief Creative Officer Tamim Antoniadis explains the technique the studio uses to recreate an apartment in the most realistic way, to be used as project preparation: Mara:We go through many things that we have never experienced before, one of which is the anxiously capturing reality.

Part of the recreation process includes sampling materials from the apartment, photographing and scanning them, and then using them to create highly detailed procedural resources, allowing you to recreate objects in the game.

The apartment was also assisted by Clear Angle Studios, which created a “spot cloud” of space using LiDAR (Laser Imaging Detection and Range) scanners.

Using all of these technologies, Ninja Theory wants to change the way artists work with its games, as Antoniadis explained:Not only will artists have to create objects, but they will have to create systems that can create an object and endless variations of it.

From the announcement, Project: Mara is still a mysterious and fascinating project, given that Ninja Theory uses it to experiment with new technologies and new techniques for storytelling through video games.

Mara Project 03

MARA Project 01

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