Nike signs the most important trade agreement in the history of American football

US Soccer’s goal is to make soccer the most popular sport in the country

The US Soccer Federation and Nike have announced a long-term agreement (for 10 years) to expand their partnership that began in 1995. The scope of the integrated partnership makes itThe largest commercial deal in the history of American football and one of the largest investments by Nike in the FIFA in the world.

The new deal, as reported by Adnkronos, which expands what has been one of the most successful and lucrative corporate partnerships in American football history, aligns with US Soccer vision to make soccer the most prominent sport in the country. Together, Nike and US Soccer will focus on growing the women’s game and providing greater access to soccer to ensure that it is the most inclusive sport in the United States.

This is the third commercial partnership that US Soccer has signed under the new leadership of President Cindy Barlow Kohn, CEO and General Secretary Will Wilson and Commercial Director David Wright, and serves as an important foundation for continued growth. “This strategic partnership is a sign of the importance of football in the United States and the value Nike and US Soccer place on each other,” Barlow Kuhn said. Nike has been a positive partner to American football for a long time and has played an important role in the growth of the association as well as providing tremendous support to many of our players over the years. Continuing this partnership at such a high level, continuing to pursue the vital goals we share together, and access to resources that will lead all areas of the Federation, are things that make us feel very positive about the future of football in Italy. United States of America”.

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The four pillars of the agreement

Among the many priorities, the renewal of the long-term partnership was based on four important pillars designed to drive accelerated growth of play and positive social change. The four priority areas include: 1) Promoting inclusion – removing barriers to entry with a wide-ranging impact on the underlying ecosystem; 2) A Better Planet: Shows sustainability efforts that contribute to significant change; 3) global impact – raising the profile of women’s games both nationally and globally; 4) Sport of the future: promoting cultural significance through content, art and lifestyle.

“Nike looks forward to building on our 25-plus-year history with American football to shape the future of the sport at all levels,” said Becca Kerr, Nike Vice President and General Manager, Women’s North America. “We want more boys, especially girls, to fall in love with the sport because they have had initial positive experiences with football. The growth of the game starts with investing in inclusivity.” Performance is also a key element of the New Deal as American football will continue to use Nike’s leadership in performance and innovation to fuel the performance of elite athletes on the national team. The partnership will focus on all US national football team programs, including the women’s and men’s senior national teams, all youth national teams, and extended national teams (Para, Futsal and Beach). The long-term renewal means that Nike and US Soccer will remain partners during some of the world’s biggest soccer events on the horizon, such as the 2026 World Cup which will be hosted primarily by the United States.


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