Nightmare trip for influencer Marco Ferrero: “Shut down three hours on a plane without air conditioning over Malaga – Milan” – VIDEO

We shut down the plane for three hours There is no AC With 42 degrees outside. They forced us down after people got sick.” To denounce it is the Italian influencer known as embodimentthat’s saying Marco Ferrerowith a video posted on TikTok in which we see people suffering and some ambulances roll on the tarmacMalaga airportin Spain, from which the flight took place Milan Malpensa. Ferrero’s video quickly went viral (1 million 200 thousand followers on TikTok, almost half a million on Instagram), and the Consumer Protection League also intervened on the matter.
“The passenger’s story is a hallucination – stated Ivano Giacomelli, National Secretary of Symbols – and even more so are images. There are people Clearly tried thermostat. Some of them, exhausted, are rescued by ambulances and medical personnel. We will ask Ryanair to explain what happened – says Giacomelli – because what happened cannot be dismissed as a simple unexpected event. We’re referring not only to the delay, but also to the treatment reserved for the passengers, cooped up for hours in an airplane with sweltering temperatures between fainting spells and panic attacks. We demand answers from Ryanair as well as prompt and concrete interventions to compensate those who have suffered through this ordeal.”

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