Nigeria, armed militia kidnap 140 students from a Christian high school

Two kidnappings in two days. The news comes a few hours after a similar event: Yesterday, July 4, an armed group stormed the National Center for Tuberculosis and Leprosy in Zaria, in the north of the African country, and kidnapped eight people. to me BBCAmong the hostages were two nurses and a 12-month-old baby.

More than a thousand kidnappings since the beginning of the year – Kidnappings are becoming an increasingly frequent problem in Nigeria. According to local authorities, there are “bandits”, a general term for identifying kidnappers, cattle rustlers and other militias operating for money. From what BBCMore than 1,000 students have been kidnapped since December last year, and 200 of them are still missing.

According to data collected by SP Morgan, a Nigerian consulting firm, from May 2011 to May 2020, for a ransom of the kidnapped youths, an amount of more than 15 million euros was paid.

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