NieR Re[in]Carnation has a release date in the West –

NieR Re[in]pink, or the mobile chapter of the well-known Square Enix series, finally has one Exit date Also official regarding the West, after its launch last February in Japan: 28 July 2021.

Meanwhile, registrations have opened in the West and appear to have already reached 300,000 users, with beta available in late May. On the other hand, the game in Japan reached amazing numbers: it was launched in February, and the number of downloads reached 10 million in just over a month in this country alone.

NieR Re[in]Carnation is referred to as the “rpg movement command”, which is one Role From the original series created specifically for mobile platforms, with turn-based combat and the ability to collect different characters with a system partially similar to that of gacha.

The Date It tells of a mysterious place called The Cage, a large place characterized by huge, silent ruins and buildings that reach to the sky. In this strange place, a girl wakes up and finds herself forced to explore gigantic regions under the supervision of a mysterious creature named Mama.

So the girl should explore the cageDiscover mysteries and fight threats to get back what he’s lost and redeem his sins. Above, you can also see a new trailer released by Square Enix showing something more than the game in question, including a turn-based combat system, which can also be set automatically, and exploration stages.

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