Nicole Mazzucato leaves everyone speechless

Nicole Mazzucato has radically changed her appearance: the former suitor of men and women has left all her thousands of fans speechless!

Nicole Mazzucato's look
She literally changed her appearance: Nicole Mazzucato decided to change her haircut, she would be speechless!

Nicole Mazzucato is the charming influencer, model and actress too! We remember her in the studio, for men and women, in the 2014/2015 edition, as she was courted by Fabio Colloricchio. tronista chose her as his partner at the end of the dating show: their path was loved and followed by all the fans of the dating show! From there, Nicole gained notoriety and started her career on television. Mazzocato with one look managed to conquer anyone: her beauty is truly incredible, she boasts gorgeous eyes. In the past few days she has decided to completely change her appearance: she will be speechless.

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Men and women, a radical change in appearance: Nicole Mazzucato left everyone speechless

Nicole Mazzucato has radically changed her look. The charming former suitor of men and women, the ex-partner of Fabio Colloricchio, decided to leave her fans speechless.

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The beautiful author and model from Belluno decided to marry an African look, made up of many braids.

With this new hairstyle she looks (almost) a different person but always goes crazy. Her features, her icy eyes: Mazzucato remains one of the heroes of the most beautiful men and women! It’s clear that she’s got thousands of approvals: full of likes and comments for her under the latest Instagram photos.

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Private life

Nicole Mazzucato after the story with ex-tronista Fabio Colloricchio, she had other relationships. Several rumors circulated about Nicole’s private life. Currently, she is engaged to model Thomas Tevah: he lives in London, works in the heart of the United Kingdom. On social networks, Nicole and Thomas appear very close and in love.

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