Nicola Savino is on vacation living in Australia

From DEEJAY Radio to me Italian radiowhich is located at AdelaideAnd the AustraliaThe step is shorter than one might imagine.

This was an absurd trip Nicholas Savinowho was on a family vacation on the other side of the world again ended up talking to him Live Radio.

The respective announcer is called Italian Radio 531 Because it broadcasts on 531 AM on Kangaroo Land and is “the Italians’ radio in South Australia since 1975”, as stated on their website.

in a loop Deejay Call Italy From December 20, 2022, Nicholas – from Australia and with a time zone 10 hours ahead of Italy – returned to speak directly with Linus To tell the unexpected change of course in Oceania, from a simple tourist to a radio host.

Click the video below to watch and hear Nicola Savino’s story from Australia.


Radio Italiana 531: what it is and where it broadcasts

Radio Italia 531 It is one of two in-band radio services in Australia intended for non-English speaking residents.

The radio broadcasts on air 7 days a week, 24 hours a day on the “old” AM frequencies of the country, fascinating and nostalgic. Nicholas Savino. The radio is supported by over 400 sponsors including members, clubs and societies that are listened to every day by approximately 100,000 people of Italian descent, from Adelaide (where the headquarters are) to Port Perry, from Perry to Whyalla, passing through Port Lincoln, Barossa Valley and Bridge Murray, Mildura, and Renmark.

And, for one day, listeners Italian radio They found themselves facing an exceptional voice: ours Nicholas Savino.

Nicola Savino from Australia: ‘So I ended up on live radio’

The funniest thing about this situation is that Nicholas Savino You didn’t go looking for it at all. to me Linus Ensures that the live radio was not planned before leaving and tells how it all happened:

I was outside a store waiting for the girls, which takes 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes… At some point a guy called Marco walked by, recognized me and couldn’t believe he really met me. So he explained to me that he makes radio, Australia’s first foreign language radio established in 1975. – Nicola Savino

So our deejay got involved, gladly agreed to take part – as you can see by Instagram stories If you’ve followed him these days – and he’s gone to the studios Radio Italia 531broadcast in australia, Where he also lives today Megan Gillfor nearly fifty years. In fact, the first Italians migrated to those regions in the 1960s and 1970s.

Adelaide is not bad now, with a hint of decadence. I do not resent the Italians who live here: it is a very beautiful city, on a human scale, I think of about a million inhabitants, all very civilized. Decadence is a little Anglo-Saxon, Glasgow style: there’s the tattooed one, who’s got that mullet hair that flows a lot here, short on top and long in the back… They’re all beaten here, I guess I’ll come back a little ‘beaten’ too”. Nicholas Savino

Click the video below to watch Nicola Savino’s stories on radio in Australia.

Italian radio Broadcasting from a studio in Adelaide located on the same site as the Italian Consulate in the city. and the road that connects Via Massena n. No. 2 in Milan at 215 Port Road in Adelaide is by no means as long as it might seem.

As a fan of Radio DEEJAY, I seem to be here in Varese. I don’t know how to explain it: it’s a terrible thing that all Italians in Australia suffer from. You too, Linus, must come here: if you come here, all the natives will weep and not let you go. Nicholas Savino

Today is Wednesday, December 21 Nicholas Savino Still on holiday in Australia. Who knows if he’ll have tales to tell about this part of the trip, too.

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