Nickel and tomatoes, thanks to an Italian company, will finally be able to eat even the intolerant

Nickel and tomato, a combination that unfortunately presents a health problem for some. But an Italian company solved the “problem”.

Which is nickel allergy He knows that unfortunately he must waiver For some foods. or at least a reduce consumption. but “Italian company Produces Tomatoes without this mineral.

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there Population Come to me Contact with nickel especially with food. There are some that contain multiple concentrations and can lead to health problems in the body sensitivity or sensitivity. it is expected that About 15-20% of the population in Italy suffers from an intolerance to this mineralOver time, you will develop symptoms of overexposure.

L ‘sensitive it’s a immune response Too high on contact / ingestion of certain substances. Symptoms can be in the case of nickel Both dermatological and functional. In fact, anyone can touch the metal or swallow it with food and be extremely sensitive A visible rash on the skin or “traditional” digestive problems. In rare cases, more prominent symptoms may occur, such as Abdominal cramps, bloating, breathing problems and even fever and muscle aches.

What foods contain the highest amounts of nickel?

Those with allergies know they have to Avoid eating certain foodsor limit their intake, depending on the degree of hypersensitivity. The nickel It is mostly found on Fruits and vegetablesand in minor effects on fish and eggs.

  • big quantities Nickel is found in: Dried fruits, cocoa and its derivatives, cereals, legumes, tea, baking powder, canned beverages
  • moderate amounts It can be found at: Asparagus, onions, spinach, tomatoes, mollusks, crustaceans, eggs, potatoes
  • less effects Nickel is found in: Rice, wheat, meat, dairy, chickpeas, peppers, beetroot, eggplant, zucchini, peaches, watermelon, banana, handcrafted beer
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So It can be difficult to follow a healthy diet while limiting contact with metal. So, if a company grows nickel-free tomatoes, that’s great news.

Nickel and tomatoes, thanks to an Italian company, will finally be able to eat even the intolerant

one of The best known companies in Italy Produces nickel free tomatoesBut its success does not stem solely from this. Let’s talk about the company Gandhinithat works in Lombardy but also in Sicily And the Calabria.

L ‘Agencywhose history begins in the fifties, over time It was able to innovate and invest in efficient systems that allow it to obtain healthy products. But also energy saving. In fact, the company adopts a file hydroponics. It’s a way that allows you to do that Save water up to 90%. Special cultivation methods are also characterized by not using Herbicides and phytosanitary products. Results? High quality, homemade, healthy tomatoes that are also suitable for those with nickel allergies.

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