NHL Draft 2020: Rangers gets Alexis Lafreniere at # 1; Full results for all 217 shots

Just over a week after Tampa Bay Lightning won the Stanley Cup, the first major off-season move ended with the first round of the NHL 2020 Draft on Tuesday. The New York Rangers won the NHL Draft Lottery earlier this summer and used the selection to select Quebec hockey league major star Alexis Lavriniere.

Lavrinier spent the last three seasons at Rimouski Oceanic. It was the # 1 pick on the QMJHL Draft 2017 and he took off the scene with 42 goals in 60 matches. To put that into perspective, Lavriniere scored the most goals in a junior season since Pittsburgh Penguins star Sydney Crosby scored 54 for Rimuski Oceanic in 2004. In his three seasons at QMJHL, Lavriniere collected 297 points (114 goals and 183 assists) And it blossomed into one of the most dangerous young players in the world.

Many believe Lafreniere is the talent of the generations who will become one of the biggest stars of the NHL sooner rather than later. Rangers will look to pair Lavriniere with a core that already includes the likes of Artemi Panarin and Mika Zibanejad.

Among the top five was Quinton Bifield, who became the highest-ranked black player in NHL history when he was named to the Los Angeles Kings No. 2 overall, German international Tim Stotzel, who was drafted by Senators, Lucas Raymond (Detroit Red Wings) and the predictor Supreme American Jake Sanderson (Senators).

Here are the full results of the 2020 NHL Entry Draft

Round 1

1. New York Rangers: Alexis Lafrenière, LW
2. Los Angeles Kings: Quinton Bayfield, C.
3. Ottawa Senators (of sharks): Tim Stotzel, LW
4. Detroit Red Wings: Lucas Raymond, LW
5. Ottawa Senators: Jake Sanderson, Dr.
6. Anaheim DX: Jimmy Dressdale, Dr.
7. New Jersey Devils: Alexander Holtz, RW
8. Buffalo Showers: Jack Quinn, RW
9. Minnesota Wild: Marco Rossi, C.
10. Winnipeg Jets: Cole Perfetti, C
11. Nashville Predators: Yaroslav Ascroff, G.
12. Florida Panthers: Anton Lundell, C.
13. Carolina Hurricanes (from Levs): Seth Jarvis, C.
14. Edmonton Oilers: Dylan Holloway, C.
15. Toronto Maple Levis (from the penguins): Rodion Amirov, LW
16. Montreal Canadiens: Kaiden Guhle, D
17. Chicago Blackhawks: Lukas Reichel, LW
18. New Jersey Devils (of Coyote): Dawson Mercer, C.
19. New York Rangers (From the Flames): Braden Schneider, Dr.
20. The New Jersey Devils (from Lightning via Canucks): Shaker Mukhamadullin, D.
21. Columbus Blue Jackets: Igor Chinakov, R.W.
22. Washington Capitals (from Flames via Rangers via Hurricanes): Hendrix Lapierre, C
23. Philadelphia Flyers: Tyson Forster, R.W.
24. Calgary Flims (of the Capitals): Connor Zary, C.
25. Colorado Avalanche: Justin Barron, D.
26. St. Louis Blues: Jake Neighbors, LW
27. Anaheim Ducks (from Bruins): Jacob Perreault, RW
28. Ottawa Senators (Islander): Ridley Gregg, C.
29. Vegas Golden Knights: Brendan Brisson, C
30. Dallas Stars: Mavrik Bourque, C.
31. San Jose Sharks (from Lightning): Ozzy Wiesblatt, RW

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Round 2

32. Detroit Red Wings: William Wallander, Dr.
33. Ottawa Senators: Roby Jarventie, LW
34. Buffalo Seabees: John Jason Petrka, R.W.
35. Los Angeles Kings: Helge Grans, D
36. Anaheim DX: Sam Colangelo, RW
37. Minnesota Wild: Marat Khusnutdinov, C.
38. San Jose Sharks: Thomas Bordeleau, C.
39. Minnesota Wild: Ryan O’Rourke, D.
40. Winnipeg Jets: Daniel Torgersson, LW
41. Carolina Hurricanes: Noel Gunler, RW
42. Nashville Predators: Luke Evangelista, RW
43. Florida Panthers: Emil Heineman, LW
44. Ottawa Senators: Tyler Clevin, Dr.
45. Kings of Los Angeles: Brooke Faber, Dr.
46. ​​Chicago Blackhawks: Drew Comiso,
47. Montreal Canadiens: Luke Tuch, LW,
48. Montreal Canadiens: Jan Mysak, C
49. Arizona Coyote: Choice lost
50. Calgary Flims: Jan Kuznetsov, Dr.
51. Detroit Red Wings: Theodor Niederbach, C
52. Pittsburgh Penguins: Joel Blomkvist, G.
53. Carolina Hurricanes: Vasili Ponomarev, C
54. Philadelphia Flyers: Emil Andrae, D.
55. Detroit Red Wings: Cross Hanas, LW
56. San Jose Sharks: Tristen Robins, RW
57. Tampa Bay Lightning: Jack Finlay, C.
58. Boston Bruins: Mason Lohrei, D
59. Toronto Maple Leafs: Roni Hirvonen, C
60. New York Rangers: William Cuylle, LW
61. Ottawa Senators: Egor Sokolov, LW
62. Tampa Bay Lightning: Gage Goncalves, C

Round 3

63. Detroit Red Wings: Donovan Sebrango, D.
64. Toronto Maple Leafs: Topi Niemela, D
65. Minnesota Wild: Daemon Hunt, D.
66. Los Angeles Kings: Kasper Simontaival, RW
67. Anaheim DX: Ian Moore, Dr.
68. Vegas Golden Knights: Lukas Cormier, D.
69. Carolina Hurricanes: Alexander Nikishin, D
70. Detroit Red Wings: Eemil Viro, D.
71. Ottawa Senators: Leevi Merilainen, G.
72. Calgary Flames: Jeremy Poirier, Dr.
73. Nashville Predators: Luke Prokop, Dr.
74. Florida Panthers: Ty Smilanic, C.
75. Colorado Avalanche: Jean-Luc Foudy
76. San Jose Sharks: Danil Gushchin, LW
77. Pittsburgh Penguins: Calle Clang, G
78. Columbus Blue Jackets: Samuel Knasco, Dr.
79. Chicago Blackhawks: Landon Slaggert, LW
80. Calgary Flames: Jake Boltman, Dr.
81. Chicago Blackhawks: White Kaiser, Dr.
82. Vancouver Canucks: Joni Jurmo, D.
83. Kings of Los Angeles: Alex Laferriere, RW
84. The Devils of New Jersey: Nicholas Doss, G.
85. Tampa Bay Lightning: Maxim Groshev, R.W.
86. St. Louis Blues: Dylan Peterson, C.
87. Florida Panthers: Justin Sourdif, RW
88. St. Louis Blues: Leo Love, Dr.
89. Boston Bruins: Trevor Contar, C.
90. New Yorkers: Alexander Ljungkrantz, RW
91. Vegas Golden Knights: Jackson Hallum, C
92. New York Rangers: Oliver Tarnstrom, C.
93. Tampa Bay Lightning: Jack Thompson, Dr.

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Round 4

94 Philadelphia Flyers: Zayde Wisdom, RW
95. Florida Panthers: Michael Penning, Dr.
96. Calgary Flames: Daniil Chechelev, G
97. Detroit Red Wings: Sam Stange, RW
98. San Jose Sharks: Brandon Coe, RW
99. New Jersey Devils: Jaromir Pytlik, C
100. Edmonton Oilers: Carter Savoie, LW
101. Nashville Predators: Adam Wellesby, Dr.
102. Montreal Canadiens: Jack Smith, C
103. New York Rangers: Dylan Garand, G.
104. Anaheim DX: Thymo Nickel, Dr.
105. Florida Panthers: Zachary Uens, D.
106. Toronto Maple Leafs: Artur Akhtyamov, G
107. Detroit Red Wings: Jan Bidenar G,
108. Pittsburgh Penguins: Lukas Svejkovsky, C
109. Montreal Canadiens: Blake Biondi, C.
110. Chicago Blackhawks: Michael Crotle, Dr.
111. Arizona Coyotes: Mitchell Miller, Dr.
112. Los Angeles Kings: Juho Markkanen, G
113 – Vancouver Canucks: Jackson Koons, LW
114- Columbus Blue Jackets: Mikael Pyyhtia, LW
115. Carolina Hurricanes: Zion Nybeck, LW
116. Tampa Bay Lightning: Eamonn Powell, Dr.
117. Washington Capitals: Bogdan Trineyev, RW
118. Colorado Avalanche: Colby Ambrosio, C.
119. St. Louis Blues: Tanner Dickinson, C
120. The Devils of New Jersey: Ethan Edwards, Dr.
121- New Yorkers: Alex Jefferies, LW,
122. Toronto Maple Leaves: William Villeneuve, Dr.
123. Dallas Stars: Antonio Strings, LW
124- Montreal Canadiens: Sean Farrell, C.

Round 5

125. Vegas Golden Knights: Jesper Vikman, G
126. Edmonton Oilers: Tyler Tullio, R.W.
127. New York Rangers: Evan Vierling, C.
128. Los Angeles Kings: Martin Chromiak, RW
129. Anaheim DX: Artyom Galimov LW
130. New Jersey Devils: Artem Shlaine, C
131 Buffalo Seeps: Matteo Costantini, C.
132. Detroit Red Wings: Alex Cotton, Dr.
133. Winnipeg Jets: Anton Johannesson, D.
134- New York Rangers: Brett Berard, LW
135. Philadelphia Flyers: Elliott Designers, LW
136- Montreal Canadiens: Jakub Dobes, G
137. Toronto Maple Leafs: Dmitry Ovchenikov, C.
138. Edmonton Oilers: Maxim Berezkin, LW
139. Colorado Avalanche: Ryder Rolston, RW
140. Kings of Los Angeles: Ben Meehan, Dr.
141. Chicago Blackhawks: Isaac Phillips, Dr.
142- Arizona Wolf: Carson Bantle, LW
143. Calgary Flames: Ryan Francis, RW
144. Vancouver Canucks: Jacob Truscott, Dr.
145. Columbus Blue Jackets: Ole Julian Bjorgvik-Holm, D.
146. Minnesota Wild: Pavel Novak, RW
147. Tampa Bay Lightning: Jaydon Dureau, LW
148. Washington Capitals: Bear Hughes, C.
149. Pittsburgh Penguins: Raivis Ansons, RW
150. St. Louis Blues: Matthew Kissel, Dr.
151- Boston Bruins: Mason Langenbrunner, D.
152- New Yorkers: William Dufour, RW
153. Dallas Stars: Kasper Puutio, D.
154. Dallas Stars: Daniel Lungman, C,
155. Ottawa Senators: Eric Engstrand, LW

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Round 6

156. Detroit Red Wings: Kyle Aucoin, Dr.
157. Tampa Bay Lightning: Nick Capone, RW
158. Ottawa Senators: Philip Dawst, C.
159. Carolina Hurricanes: Lucas Mercuri, C
160. Anaheim Duck: Albin Sundsvik, C.
161. The Devils of New Jersey: Benjamin Baumgartner, C.
162. Dallas Stars: Yevgeny Oxentyuk, LW
163. St. Louis Blues: Will Cranley, G.
164. Winnipeg Jets: Tyrel Bauer, D.
165. New York Rangers: Matt Rimby, C.
166. Nashville Predators: Luke Reed, Dr.
167. Colorado Avalanche: Niels Aman, C.
168. Toronto Maple Leafs: Veeti Miettinen, RW
169. Edmonton Oilers: Filip Engaras, C
170. Pittsburgh Penguins: Chase Yoder, C.
171. Montreal Canadiens: Alexander Gordin, RW
172 Chicago Blackhawks: Chad Whitman, C.
173. Arizona Coyotes: Philip Parklund, C.
174. Calgary Flames: Rory Kerens, C.
175. Vancouver Canucks: Dmitry Zlodeyev, C
176. Columbus Blue Jackets: Samuel Johansson, Dr.
177. Toronto Maple Leafs: Axel Rindell, D
178. Philadelphia Flyers: Connor McLennon, R.W.
179. Washington Capitals: Garin Bjorklund, G
180. Toronto Maple Leaves: Joe Miller, C.
181 – Ottawa Senators: Cole Reinhardt, LW
182. Boston Bruins: Riley Duran, C.
183. New Yorkers: Matthias Raganiemi, Dr.
184. Vegas Golden Knights: Noah Ellis, Dr.
185. Dallas Stars: Remi Poirier, G
186. Tampa Bay Lightning: Prince Muftakhov, c

Round 7

187. Detroit Red Wings: Kienan Draper, RW
188. Chicago Blackhawks: Lewis Crevier, Dr.
189. Toronto Maple Leaves: John Fusco, Dr.
190. Kings of Los Angeles: Aatu Jamsen, RW
191. Vancouver Canucks: Victor Pearson, Dr.
192 – Arizona Wolf: Elliot Eckefegaard, R.W.
193- Buffalo Seaners: Albert Licassine, Dr.
194. St. Louis Blues: Noah Beck, Dr.
195. Toronto Maple Leafs: Wyatt Schingoethe, C
196. San Jose Sharks: Alex Young, C.
197. New York Rangers: Hugo Olas, G
198. Florida Panthers: Elliot Ekmark, C.
199. Carolina Hurricanes: Alexander Pashin, RW
200. Edmonton Oilers: Jeremias Lindewall, RW
201. San Jose Sharks: Adam Rasca, RW
202 Nashville Predators: Gunnarwolfe Fontaine, LW
203. Detroit Red Wings: Chase Bradley, LW
204. Arizona Coyotes: Ben McCartney, LW
205. Calgary Flims: Ilya Solovyov, Dr.
206. San Jose Sharks: Linus Auberge, C.
207. Anaheim Ducks: Ethan Bowen, C.
208. Carolina Hurricanes: Ronan Sealy, Dr.
209. Nashville Predators: Chase McLean, C.
210. San Jose Sharks: Timofey Spitserov, RW
211. Washington Capitals: Oskar Magnusson, LW
212. Florida Panthers: Devon Levi, G
213. Toronto Maple Leaves: Ryan Tverberg, C
214- New Yorkers: Henrik Tikkanen, G
215. Vegas Golden Knights: Maxim Marushev, C.
216- Buffalo Sippers: Jakub Konecny, C.
217 – Tampa Bay Lightning: Declan McDonnell, R.W.

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