Nft Expands to New Sports: The Birth of Fantasy Baseball

Baseball stars and stripes made their debut with fantasy baseball and discovered collectibles via NFT. On the other hand, posters were born around the diamond sphere of this sport, to which today some of the most famous cards in the world are associated.

So it’s almost natural that today’s baseball enters the technological future of blockchain with a partnership agreement between Major League Baseball and Sorare to create a fantasy baseball with irreplaceable tokens.

first game Free to play Based on the NFT of Major League Baseball coming out this summer. The agreement was also signed by for-profit company Mlb Players that manages the rights of league players.

For Sorare, a French company active in fantasy sports with 1.8 million users globally, this is a debut outside football. As founder Nicholas Julia points out, “Sorare’s goal is to improve the gaming experience for users and expand the audience globally: that’s why landing in the US was a priority for us, and now we aim to beat them all. The world championships ».

For baseball, too, Sorare will use his proven formula: MLB’s goal for fantasy baseball will be to create an NFT team that represents the best Major League players to connect more with athletes, clubs, and the league during the live experience of baseball games.

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