Newspapers and Magazines Bonus 2022: What it is and how it works

Newsstand bonus is also active in 2022 and can apply for tax credit access starting today, September 1, until the end of the month. Let’s see what it is.

Starting today, the first of September until the end of the month, applications can be submitted to access Newsstand bonus 2022 Targeted at merchants who deal exclusively with the retail sale of newspapers, magazines and periodicals.

Let’s see together what it is and how it is applied.

Newspapers and Magazines Bonus 2022: What is it?

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The Newsstand reward It consists of a recognized “tax credit” for merchants who deal with the retail sale of newspapers, magazines, and periodicals. The facilities were introduced under the Budget Law 2019 and then extended to subsequent years with some changes.

Sostegni-bis . decree restricts Audience of potential beneficiaries For merchants working exclusively in the retail sector of newspapers, magazines and periodicals and for print distribution companies that supply newsstands located in Municipalities with less than 5000 inhabitants or with only one point of sale.

Compared to the original rule, moreover, the bonus includes expenses incurred in the previous year to purchase or rent cash registers or remote registers and point of sale devices. Other parameters considered relate to some local taxes, such as Imu and Tari, paid by the owner of a newsstand in the place where he carries on his business, and the costs of supplying electricity, telephone, internet connection and home delivery services for copies of newspapers.

How to apply?

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Instances can only be sent to via information technology By the owner or the legal representative of the company, from the reserved area of ​​the portal, which can be accessed using the Spid, the National Service Card and the Electronic ID Card.

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Once the investigation of the applications is completed, the list of credit recipients and the allotted amounts are approved by decree of the Head of Information and Publication and published on the Internet.By December 31 From each year it refers to the benefit.

The contribution can only be spent on compensation through F24 Provided exclusively through the electronic services of the Department of Revenue, indicating the tax code “6913” from the fifth working day after publishing the list of beneficiaries.

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