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Will Black Narcissus 2 be finished?

Black daffodil 2: The series continues based on a novel by Rumer Gooden?

It is available in the stream from Friday, April 16 Black daffodil, Co-production with license plate BBC e FX, American Cable Network.

Inspired by the bestseller of the same name, first published in 1939, the quote was written by Amanda Koo Directed by Charlotte Bruce Christensen Bringing Mother Clauda’s story back to the screen for a contemporary audience, 73 years after the movie directed by Michael Powell and Emric Pressberger, starring Deborah Kerr and Kathleen Byron.

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The story takes place in Mopu, in the Himalayas. In 1934, it was a remote cliff-top mansion formerly known asWomen’s HouseHe holds many dark secrets. In youth Sisters of the Saint Faith They attempt a mission there, and her disturbing secrets awaken forbidden desires that seem destined to repeat a terrible tragedy.

Captain Gemma Arteron (Mother Clodagh), Alessandro Nivola (Mr. Dean) H. Isling Franciosi (Sister Ruth), cast Black daffodil Includes mourning Diana Reg (Mother Dorothea), Jim Broadbent (Father Roberts), Colfinder is (General Toda Rai), Chanel Collard (Dilip Ray) W. Gianni Gonsalves (Srimati Rai).

There will be a second season of Black daffodil? Doesn’t really seem. Visualize as one SeriesAnd the Black daffodil It was visualized as a transmission of Rumer Gooden’s novel divided into three episodes. For this reason, the series We will not go further Bets are available on star, Disney + public entertainment brand, effective April 16.

In the US, the limited series aired on FX on November 23, while in the United Kingdom it was broadcast on BBC One starting December 27. So far, no announcement has been received regarding A. Possible sequel to Black daffodilBut no wonder. The production was announced as Series Hence, its continuation is not envisaged.

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