News from the European Union: Hybrid systems are also on methane and LPG cars

Coming from Europe is a very important novelty related to hybrid cars, LPG and methane systems, which shows how much interest central institutions in the European Union are.The development of the automotive sector With regard to electricity.

Another key point is to focus on the benefits of alternative feeding regimens for the great common goal, which is the goal Reducing polluting carbon dioxide emissions Of vehicles on the road. So it is important to know that in addition to electric and hybrid mobility, there are also other systems that contribute to this purpose, such as mild and full hybrid fuel cells, hydrogen fuel cells, synthetic fuels and alternative fuels. Among those there are LPG and methane, of which Italy is a leader.

Natural gas and LPG derived from petroleum are environmental solutions that are sustainable and can contribute to reducing emissions. It is precisely in this sense that we can talk today about a fundamental innovation in this sector, namely Published in the Official Journal of the European Union From the European Union Decision 2021/4888 of 22 March 2021, which gives manufacturers complete freedom to install lightweight, 12-volt and 48-volt hybrid systems, Also on cars running on LPG, methane and E85 ethanol.

An important novelty, as we have said, signs Another very important step towards electrification Reduce carbon dioxide emissions, To benefit the conditions of the environment and the air we breatheor. In this context, we can say that some of the major players in the automotive sector in Europe have already submitted applications to the European Union Commission. The implementing regulations explicitly state that on July 9, 2020, Ford, FCA Italy, Volkswagen, Skoda and PSA required the use of 12v generator starter devices “also in cars and light commercial vehicles, with an internal combustion engine powered by LPG, methane and ethanol E85” . On December 11, 2020, another similar order came from Ford, Honda and Renault for 48V “light hybrid” systems along with a 48V-12V DC / DC converter.

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And now Europe has decided that Lightweight hybrid systems have also been approved on LPG, methane and E85 vehicles, Which is a major benefit to both the environment and automobile manufacturers. In fact, manufacturers are given an additional technical tool that can help them fall more easily within society’s limits for CO2 emissions. The benefits would then be felt by the whole sector, and technical offices would be able to implement these systems which, without access to high electrification, would be able to contribute to reducing pollutant emissions.

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