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The first day of the Women’s Rugby World Cup is over After the comfortable victories of France (40-5 over South Africa) and England (84-19 over Fiji) it is time The most awaited challenge, the challenge between hosts New Zealand and Australia. And the match did not disappoint.

Black Fern enters the field in a very stubborn style, they play very far, but make many mistakes in the first stage of the match, losing a lot of balls and not becoming dangerous. are using it Australians who at 13′ go to goal with Benny Terretta at the start 0-5. New Zealand does not respond and after three minutes Australia got to debut with Ivania Wong and the score jumps to 0-12.

Guests play excellent rugby, while New Zealanders continue to insist on a highly imprecise, moving oval, but not compromised. And the At 28′ it’s Territa again to go further and Australia which is surprisingly 0-17. But here the game changes. Black Ferns are finally looking for precision, fewer steps, more centering extras and Fitness pays off with Joanna Ngan-Woo in the 36th minute, first New Zealand trying to score 7-17. Three minutes pass and Portia Woodman scores goals and goes to rest with Australia, leading 12-17 But the match was completely reopened.

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New Zealand insist at the start of the second half, even if they made a lot of mistakes at the beginning (11 turns to 1), but In the 47th minute they penetrated the middle, then the ball to Portia Woodman and the second personal goal and 17-17. At 53 minutes, the moment that risks being decisive. New Zealand work, foul Evania Wong’s warning for non-sportsmanship. However, the TMO calls on the referee to commit a previous foul Shannon Barry also has a yellow card for quick intervention and Australia will play after 13 players for 10 minutes. Come on next work The fourth goal and bypassing New Zealand with Ohina Tangin-Winho and runs on 24-17..

Now Australians are on their knees and the hosts can stretch sharply. In numerical superiority New Zealanders have no difficulty and In the 61st minute, Portia Woodman’s third personal goal, which put the score at 31-17. The match is now over, with the Australians who after half an hour dreaming disappeared from the stadium and New Zealand who after being given half an hour went back to playing rugby and were assured of being devastated. Thus, the New Zealanders go to the goal again, very easily and Ruby Toei to score 36-17 in the 69th minute.. Australia reported that despite partial 0-36 chasing a bonus point target that could be key in the knockout race, nothing was done. And so on In the 74th minute Ruby Toei gave a comeback and New Zealand demolished Australia and lasted 41-17.

Photo: Hannah Peters – World Rugby via Getty Images

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