New York’s Major League Baseball team has offered museum tickets to fans

This weekend New York’s major league baseball team, the Mets, gave its fans tickets to museums in the city, like the Metropolitan or the Brooklyn Museum. It was enough to show up in the team jersey or hat. A model that can be replicated in Italy with football?

more United State The new season is about to start MLBthe Major League Baseballthe first professional league in baseballThe starting date for the matches is March 30. And there is a team that has decided to unite in a unique way, waiting to enter the field Sports and culture. It comes with an extension New York Metsone of the two teams New Yorkthe eternal rivals of the Yankees, invented for this yearAmazon daya day dedicated to the team and the city, is named after the nickname by which the Mets are known (“the Amazons”, or “the Amazons”).

During the first edition ofAmazon day, scheduled for last Saturday, March 25, fans can wear a Mets cap or any piece of team clothing, for example a T-shirt, to access gifts and surprise events dedicated to first-comers in important institutions in New York. The concert also granted access to limited tickets and events focused on the fan community, as well as a chance to win first prize in a raffle Amazon day. Among the possibilities offered to fans as well Free entry to museumsAmong these, Brooklyn Museum (usually accessible at a cost of $16), which granted free admission to the first 500 Mets fans who showed up wearing team apparel, and Metropolitan Museum which are boundless instead (the museum is accessible at a cost of $30, while it is free for residents). In addition, there is a limited edition of Queens Public Libraryobviously registered to the Mets, was distributed to fans.

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Mets fans shared plenty of photos on social media with the hashtag #AmazinDay, at the team’s request. In short, a day dedicated to culture, sports and a sense of community among the masses. A model that can be replicated in Italy with football?

New York’s Major League Baseball team has offered museum tickets to fans

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