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New York will review virus vaccines, citing the politicization of the process

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo said Thursday that New York State will conduct its own review of any coronavirus vaccines approved by the federal government, fearing the process will become too politicized.

“Frankly, I will not trust the opinion of the federal government, nor will I recommend New Yorkers, based on the opinion of the federal government,” said Mr. Cuomo, a Democrat, in a press release.

New York officials do not play a role in the approval process for a potential vaccine, but under the current plan they will help determine how it will be distributed across the state. In theory, officials could delay such a distribution if they think a vaccine is not safe.

State and New York City officials said they have been discussing a vaccine plan for months.

Mr Cuomo’s statements threatened to further complicate the vaccination process, which had become mired in political controversy for months He encountered mistrust from the American public.

Polls have shown a significant decrease in the number of Americans who want a vaccine once it is approved. A questionnaire Conducted this month by the Pew Research Center It found that 51 percent of Americans are either possibly or definitely vaccinated, a significant drop from 72 percent in May.

The main concern among those surveyed was that the vaccine approval process would move very quickly without taking the time to properly demonstrate safety and efficacy.

Mr Cuomo said he was more concerned when President Trump proposed Wednesday that it be a dossier The White House might refuse New US Food and Drug Administration guidelines would tighten the approval process for a coronavirus vaccine.

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Mr Trump said the FDA plan appeared “like a political move,” a comment that once again threatens to undermine government officials who are working to boost public confidence in the promised vaccine.

Mr Cuomo’s public concerns echoed comments made by Joseph R Biden Jr., the Democratic candidate for president, who Last week prompted the issue of a possible vaccine At the 2020 race center. Mr. Biden accused Mr. Trump of putting political pressure on the vaccine process and trying to speed up approval of a vaccine to help him win re-election.

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