New York, a subpoena for Donald Trump and his two sons. Investigation of the hypothesis of fraud in real estate values

New York attorney, Letitia James, intend to hear it Donald Trump As part of an ongoing investigation into whether the former US president’s company inflated the value of its assets to obtain bank loans and then reduced them for tax purposes. And the American media reported this, confirming that the former president had received a subpoena. A similar memorandum was issued against the two eldest sons of the former president, Donald Trump Jr and Ivanka Trump.

Last month, Donald Trump sued attorney James in an attempt to obstruct the investigation, accusing her of investigating her Manhattan real estate company for political reasons. Investigation began in 2019 After Trump’s former lawyer and aide, Michael Cohentestified before Congress claiming that Trump “Inflate the value of its assets gross when this was useful for his purposes while he lowered it to reduce property taxes.” The survey focuses on a property of approximately one square kilometer in Westchester County, in New York. Other properties under the lens include Trump’s skyscraper on Wall Street and his Chicago hotel. Overlapping investigation into real estate values ​​with a broadest possible investigation Bank fraud, mortgage and tax.

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