New warning for Intesa Sanpaolo customers: accounts have been wiped by this scam

New warning for Intesa Sanpaolo customers: accounts have been wiped out by this scam. This phenomenon is widespread

A few simple clicks and that’s it. Hackers can break into our systems and gain access to our accounts. Pay close attention to all incoming emails and messages.

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Lose your life savings with simple click or through your smartphone. A nightmare that affects many people due to its spread scam attempts Information technology that affects today’s world. The use of institutional and recognized brands by hackers causes us to let our guard down, and have faith when they are asked and suggested to us. Enter file Credentials in fake platformImmediately allow fraudsters to steal User and password Then crucial to empty our accounts. Maximum attention should be paid to both phone messages We receive, both mailalways a large number of unwanted messages.

In fact, network hackers have built private fake connections in which they advertise themselves Loans of up to 1000 Euro For unsuspecting users. The promise to offer credits to Intesa Sanpaolo account holders recently ended up in the dock, like a scam of the moment.

New warning to Intesa Sanpaolo customers: they emptied their accounts through widespread scams

bank scam
Bank Account Scam (AnsaFoto)

Logging in with your details not only exposes us to fraud but also allows those with bad intentions to steal our identity and then create fake profiles for further criminal actions. said from Intesa San Paulo, as a well-known brand behind which a fraud attempt can be hidden. There are often serious risks even regarding their phone profiles, TIM, Vodafone and WindTre, who attributes expensive service payments without giving his consent. Now, as it is easy to imagine, the greatest risk of fraud is associated with the bank itself, given the range of potentially deductible funds. The advice to avoid any problem is always the same, and ignore any questionable communication. The phishing We always fight the same way, that is, by not clicking on suspicious links that are presented to us. Messages and mail It must be disposed of immediately. We can be sure that if it’s something really important, we’ll definitely contact us some other way.

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