New Volume Canceled: Cryptocurrency News

The inclusion of cryptocurrencies is being studied in connection with the cancellation of volumes, as well as an attempt to return income from abroad.

there truce The tax is being studied by the government watermelon, it is formed by always adding new details. Regarding amnesty there is a new addition. In fact, they play a role Digital currencies.

Then we talk about the addition method. The new financial peace should be divided into three ways, based on the amount owed:

  • Delete the folder
  • discount on amounts owed;
  • Finally, pay in installments.

We also find novelty in relation to a topic Penalties. In fact, there is talk of discounts on them as well. So let’s go together to see these updates in detail.

Volumes, in the new skimming we also talk about cryptocurrency

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There are two goals for the new amnesty:

  • Refunds from abroad unpublished;
  • Recovering resources for use in covering other needs.

When we talk about this procedure we want to say that there is a new version of space volunteering disclosure.

In fact, we must adhere to the basic scheme of voluntary cooperation for the period 2015-2017 but with the addition of a very important novelty: extending the scope of application also to Digital currencies.

Even if it must be added that, to date, there is a lack of a specific tax code, with the consequent uncertainty of operators.

Scrapping folders

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Speaking of collection methods, the government decided to open the financial peace in three ways, based on the amount of the debt.

  • For bags worth up to a thousand euros we are talking about Cancellation the total. This snippet will affect the loads assigned torevenue agency.
  • If the amount is between 1,000 and 3,000, we are talking about a 50% discount, with the possibility of paying in installments over 5 years;
  • On the other hand, for notifications over €3,000, there is a need to pay the full amount, but with a reduction in the fine applied. Here, too, payments can be deferred over 5 years.
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Financial peace, also cuts to penalties

cryptocurrency bitcoin technology background of virtual money

Finally, let’s also talk about the topic of penalties. This should be put under review, but it cannot be implemented immediately. Actually, first you need to work on one tax reform Then we turn to the decrees.

The tax must be paid in full as we said, but if The fine has been reduced to 5%. With a long-term extension in conjunction with this, the taxpayer is placed in an “ability to pay” position.

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