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New Victorian Pride Center in Australia

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07/22/2022 – In Melbourne, Australia, the new opens Victorian Pride Centre, Australia’s first purpose-built center for LGBTIQ+ communities, a five storey building located in the coastal Melbourne suburb of St Kilda, provides community access to a range of services and safe spaces.

The first of its kind in Australia and one of the largest in the world, the new first Victorian Pride Center project bears the signature Grant Amon Architects And the Brearley Architects and Urbanists. The building houses a number of organizations that will use the center as a base while also providing spaces for group meetings, events and outdoor projects. The space was first supported by the state government in 2016, with construction to be completed in 2021. In 2016, the state government contributed to the construction, in 2021 the construction was completed.

The facade of the Victorian Pride Center in Australia includes round and oval cutouts at street height and used as a shaded porch on the ground floor facing the street, as well as carved balconies on the first and second.
The concrete exterior features a diagonal shade of circular cutouts that spread across its facade, exposing the structural layers of concrete beneath.
At the front are terraces, areas of the building that face the street and provide the Victoria Pride Center with a prime location for events and observation areas for parades and related street parades.

In addition to workspaces, the Victoria Pride Center contains health care centers, a library, gallery and theater. But also a bar, rooftop event space and community garden.
The interior has an evenly sculptural appearance, and its exterior tubular forms continue and run linearly across the centre, sculpting tunnels and subtly dividing spaces.
Concrete and structural services, including piping and electrical work, remain visible throughout the interior, along with warm-toned wood, colorful ceramics, and velvet fabrics.
The three-height elliptical atrium in the center of the center is flooded with natural light generated by the use of an amorphous skylight.

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