New update significantly reduces console startup times –

As reported by The Verge, the new system update for Xbox Series X and S. Currently available to Insider members decrease drastically i Startup times power control unit.

As you can see for yourself in the video posted below on Twitter by Tom Warren, the initial system startup, from the appearance of the Xbox logo to the loading of the dashboard, is about 7 seconds once the update is installed, compared to 12 seconds from the previous version, thus one a difference of about 5 seconds.

Microsoft confirmed the change, with Xbox Director Josh Munsee stating that the company has created a “shorter boot animation (~4 seconds) than the original (~9 seconds), to reduce start-up time.”

Xbox Series X and S owners will only be able to take advantage of faster startup times if their consoles are set to mode “Energy saving” Instead of “standby” mode. For starters, with this option, the console turns off completely, rather than entering a standby state. With this solution, you will not be able to start up the console immediately and start playing immediately, but on the other hand, you will consume less electricity.

This isn’t the only news coming to Green Cross gamers: Last week, Microsoft announced that the Xbox Series X | S will soon support Discord voice chat.

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