New Secret Garden Park: In Padua, even the parking lots are works of art

30.03.2023 – 1.00 p.m. –The opening of the 1st of April will be from 17.00 on the 1st of April ABS Secret Garden ParkNew, renovated and renovated car park in the city centre. Two car parks are joined ABS Holdingwhich creates space for three hundred parking spaces.
The parking lot is shaped by the creativity of artists who, inspired by the cycle of frescoes in Padua Urbs Picta revisited in a modern key, have transformed an ordinary parking lot into a home for street artworks.
The opening date of the “Secret Garden”, where people are invited to enjoy a viewing murals As if it were an ordinary clang in an art gallery, it will start from 17:00 on the first Saturday of April. An evening featuring artists is scheduled, with entertainment, music, food stalls, a family area and guided tours starting at 11.00pm. DJ sets. At the same time, a gallery with spaces dedicated to leisure will be erected above the car park in Piazzetta Conciapelli.

The initiative created by Aps Holding and the association Arkelatownsponsored Padua municipality. Access to the installation free; For more information on the car park or on the drawings, you can visit the social pages of The Secret Garden Park (Porte Contarine via Matteotti 21, Padua).


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