New Renault Austral 2023-2024, showing the Suv that was missing between Renault Captur, Arkana and Espace

The prototype for Renault Austral Coupe It appears in preview and today we can get a more detailed view thanks to the renderings made by Carscoops. In Europe, Renault offers the Austral and Space models, which occupy the compact SUV and mid-size car segments. However, the French company appears to be working on a new Austral coupe with a more sophisticated design. Here are the previews:

  • How does the 2023-2024 Renault Austral evolve
  • New SUV between Renault Captur, Arkana and Espace

How does the 2023-2024 Renault Austral evolve

Using designs, Carscopes has integrated the new headlights on board the recently introduced 2023-2024 Renault Austral in the Clio refresh, along with The elongated taillights converge towards the Renault logo. The flagship trim level is expected to be the Alpine Esprit, which features a sporty-looking bumper, larger-diameter alloy wheels and Alpine emblems.

According to the latest leaked information, it will be the Renault Austral Coupe Equipped with the latest CMF-CD architecture advancements, which has a wheelbase of approximately 2,738 mm. Thus, the total length should be between 4510 and 4722 mm. As for the engines, it is likely that the hybrid powertrain already used in several models of the French brand will be used. Possible options include the use of the E-Tech hybrid system, which delivers 197 horsepower and 205 Nm of torque. This system consists of a 1.2-liter turbocharged petrol engine, an electric motor, a high-voltage starter generator and 2 kWh lithium-ion batteries the hour.

New SUV between Renault Captur, Arkana and Espace

Therefore, Renault is focused on developing a new SUV, which is an additional variant of its range austral that will be the meeting point between Renault CapturAnd Arcana And space. It will be a coupe SUV, and it has long been speculated that it could be called Avantime, in honor of Renault’s own minivan that was produced from 2001 to 2003. This model is expected to debut during 2024.

In addition to choosing a name, the French brand continues vehicle development process. A new prototype coupe SUV has been spotted undergoing regular road tests.

New spy photos show the car still heavily camouflaged with makeshift films and masking accessories Design details. There are some interesting features. In particular, the introduction will display some elements taken from the Clio in its redesigned version. You can see new horizontal headlights with arrow-shaped LED daytime running lights positioned below.

At the rear, however, it can be seen that the roofline slopes more gently towards the rear than that of the current Austral and It ends with a small wing. Spy photos don’t show the car’s interior, but it’s easy to imagine that the passenger compartment will feature an OpenR display in an inverted L-shape, consisting of the dashboard screen (12.3-inch) and infotainment screen (12-inch).

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