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New PS5 model spotted in Australia: here are the changes –

from Ricardo Lichen

At first glance, nothing seems to change, but a new wifi module and a new screw for fixing the base can be hidden in the body of the new model. One of the most popular changes will certainly be the reduced weight: 300g less

Sony just launched, without ads, trailers or testimonials, New model of PS5. Press Start, an Australia-based video game website, wrote that first The PS5 modified model includes a new screw for mounting the stand to base it No longer requires a screwdriver. It is said that Sony has replaced the old screw with a new one equipped with it Grip around the head so that it can be easily adjusted by hand. Press Start also states that the updated PS5 model is approx 300 grams lighter than the original, but it’s unclear what Sony removed or modified to reduce weight (arguably the massive coolant radiator). The new PS5s also have a file New Model Number CFI-1102A, instead of the CFI-1000 found in the originals.

New wifi?

Australia seems to be one of the first countries To receive the new, slightly revised PS5 model, after it was first spotted in Japanese guide last month. Looks like new units are also being shipped Some parts of the United States. Twitter user bdp2007 tweeted Two pictures of what looks like a new booth design, with new clamps. Sony has been silent about the new model and its changes, however, Based on some rumors and documents that have surfaced in recent weeks, you can locate Some other changes, less obvious, may have reached the general public. in May, Sony has filed a patent for a new wireless communications module For use in new model PS5. The new module replaces the J20H100 wifi module used in all next generation playback consoles. as long Someone with skills and tools Not one of these new Australian PS5s will unravel, We can’t know for sure if this unit exists Or whether it is the explanation of the weight difference.

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More news on the way

Although Sony has Eliminates the need for a screwdriver to install the pedestal Support, you will still need support Access the room for expandable memory via an M.2 SSD. Sony is preparing to implement an external SSD storage with an upcoming system software update. The update is currently available for beta testers, Also includes significant improvements to the PS5 Dashboard user interface, 3D audio also supports built-in TV speakers And a better way to differentiate between PS4 and PS5 game versions. Meanwhile, for All those who are still looking for PS5, Sony does not have good news. The Japanese tech giant expects it Console shortages will remain a problem until the second half of 2022 Because the pandemic and ongoing global chip shortages are making it difficult for companies to produce and ship next-generation electronic devices.

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